The end of the grind

Time for a tall drink, a rest

As darkness descends

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Nourish my hunger

As fire feeds the horizon

Body, mind, spirit

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june 6, 2022 12:15

6 minutes ago a I wrote a hellokoo

6 hours ago I woke up in Lyon, France

6 days ago I met a friend and two deer on a morning walking (and wrote an elfchen poem)

6 years ago I had an eye exam (no photos from that day to help me remember anything else)

6 things I look forward to:

Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time since I flew over it in 2011 on a flight to NYC

Eating Oysters and

Drinking Bordeaux in Bordeaux

Climbing a huge dune

Spending time with my family

Writing lots of poems

ocean summertime

my family feeling fine

dune, oysters and wine

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