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An android woman

Peels back her skin to remove

And replace her parts

Fashioned from metal

Torn from my backyard tool shed

She rejuvenates

Seeing me she flees

Her circuitry still exposed

She is fast as light

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The world, brown/grey hued

Dogs out walking their owners

Tails holding leashes

Cats on the corners

Handing out free espressos

Standing on two legs

So now, does this mean

I can sleep and eat all day

While they run the world?

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Full desolation

My house, lone one left standing

The rest is destroyed


The smoke starts clearing

My heart in my throat, aching

I have no one left


Why go on living?

But what if I’m not alone?

If there are others?


I have to find them

Have to understand all this

What just happened, why?


Just one split second

Changes the flow of my life

I now need to move

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Red flashing night lights

Normally seen at midnight

Nowhere to be found

Town's water tower

High atop the river cliffs

Spewing purple rain

The eagles and owls

Perched high in the river's woods

Now call me by name


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a flying carpet

invitation to jump on

discover stories

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