leg muscles throbbing

heart racing and drenched in sweat

pain, pleasure, running

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Six days on the couch

Recovering as roses

Flourish in the heat

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Six Things I Am Looking Forward To


Girl learns a new trade

And becomes independent

The future is now


Fresh poems published

Far off new connections made

Who knows where it leads?


Summer reunion

Loyal friends in adventure

June and Julio


A pop-up bookstore

At Omnibus Theatre

Inti Press book launch


A pinwheel’s center

Warm breezes encircling

Sundresses swirling


To swim the pool’s length

Soft sounds submerged and afloat

Water therapy

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I called you six times

And I talk to your voice mail

Way more than to you

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These features are so cool! Thank you:)

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six souls have gone by

in three years time, pass away.

when will the tears stop?

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thank you so much, still waking up at six, missing my cat terribly

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if you want to meet him I made a story highlight on Instagram https://instagram.com/mirjamwrites

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Thanks for including me!

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