Missed your face by miles.

T shirt wet through to the bone.

Choking on laughter.

To watch sav just launch water at herself was funnier than it should’ve been. In my defence, she laughed first.

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I can’t remember/

A time I laughed so hard that/

It made my tears flow

I’ve been wracking my brain for a funny memory, but can’t seem to think of one. Of course, at my age, memories seem to fade. ☺️

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secrets with a twin

double the trouble and fun

we’re old but not dead

Talking with my twin sister is almost always full of belly laughs. We laugh at stuff we used to do, still want to do and she laughs harder at me than any other person I know.

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hungry teenage boy

ate everything he could find

even if despised

Since we were both at home sick and in quarantine food became quite important. His appetite is formidable, I only wish I could eat like that and stay in shape so I like to make fun of his endless foraging.

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Dad, let me show you

"The movement" to take what you

Always ask mum for.

When in kitchen my husband always ask me to give him a spoon, a glass etc and one day our son told his dad to pay attention to him and learn the movement to pick up what he needed and which was at hand. So we all laughed to tears, especially my husband, and from then this is something we refer to time to time and cheer up.

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Rivers of humor

Flow from my face, mouth, and eyes

Watering with joy!

I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I’ve laughed so hard or why. I just know it is usually provoked by my husband. He takes my breath away with laughter.

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Catching each one’s eyes

Bubbling from their stomachs

The biggest of laughs //

They try to control

Keep it down, not unleash it

And then boom, they’re gone //

Tears and squeals and heaves

Doubling down clutching each one

Music of laugher //

Pure and innocent

Unadulterated fun

Begins with a look //

This is me and my husband when something triggers a memory of a hilarious time. This is also us making new “fall down clutching our bellies laughter” memories.

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