I dreamt of wind

and woke to its lashing

ghosts of oceans

echoes of splashing

apparitions lure

catching mortals in noose nets

anchored to dark depths

undertow tempest

gusts pull my long hair; I gasp

throat parched, nares flared

azure skies reflect

raging swells of deceased seas

draining palid white

Las Vegas wind

ghosts of an ocean

her ancient sands

grit beneath my feet

Lake Mead repeats

the haunting cycle

with squinting eyes

in horror I see

retreating lifeblood

no more to wash upon shore

ghoulish graves exposed

phantom waves crash through

this valley dry as old bones

sunken dusty tomb

pleistocene scenes

replaced by mirage

of bobbing bodies

sunk by the mob

ghosts of oceans

violently thrashing

whipping sails

their vengeance gnashing

winds whoosh westerly

spirits swirl through trees like kelp

from unknown dark depths

can you not see them

gaping faces dissipate

haunting between fronds

voices howl through rock

demons of past disasters

and those yet to come

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Dreams swirl in dark halls

(Distant corners of my mind)

Ghosts haunting my sleep

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The ethereal

Blankets the earth with a fog

Of gossamer wisps

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Ghosts having cocktails

A party of the lost souls

Suspended in dusk

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