Hold my head up high

Convince myself to enter

Take a breath and smile

(I don’t like to make a splash, prefer to blend in with the crowd. Having the attention on me makes me uncomfortable. Here is my vulnerable “grand” entrance)

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The sky jumps upwards -

transforms the black into blue.

Takes all day to fall.

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Graduation entrances are a HUGE deal! Thanks for sharing Mirjam, the Hellokoo, the music and the background! Awesome 👏 🎓

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Mar 30, 2022Liked by Hellokoo+

Make a grand entrance

In pearls and strawberry red

Paparazzi pop


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commencement both end

and beginning of new life

pomp and circumstance

Walking into the commencement celebration at university in a cap and gown and a flower lei was a very grand entrance, here is the music


And some background on it:


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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Hellokoo+

Like air, I enter

Invisible, palpable

Silent but intense

Like Naomi, I also shy away from flash entrances, but I always leave a mark. Haha! And that’s how I hope it would be with this group...

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I shout hello loud

the birds koo back as they fly

the clouds hold my word

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Entrances scare me

But I will lift up my chin

Smile for Hellokoo

So excited to be part of this group!

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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Hellokoo+

take a leap of faith

jumping into the unknown

will poetry come?

Have hit a brick wall with creativity. I fluctuate between giving up or just being patient with myself…..

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